About Us


The On The Edge Motorcycle Stunt Trials Display Team consists  of the world’s best stunt riders, a professional compere and a mobile stunt unit which is the focal point of the show.

We also provide our own full PA system / Incidental Music, Mics, speakers, and independently powered generators, etc.

We will then perform our On the Edge stunt riding show up to four times per day to fit in with the organiser’s timetable of events (the show can last from 10 minutes to 35 minutes, depending on your requirements).

Whilst we prefer to use our own arena, we are able to set up and dismantle in a main ring within 15 minutes. The show consists of 15ft jumps up vertical walls, amazing ‘drop offs’, a full range of freestyle tricks, some of which can only be attempted by a handful of riders throughout the world.

In addition to other spectacular stunts which, combined with the showmanship and humor,  our show offers, will leave the audience in disbelief of what they have just witnessed!